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In Globe” tries to adjust to the current challenges of the employment market with the aim of reducing unemployment, saving time and costs for thousands of businesses and primarily supporting the Greek tourism sector as one of the crucial economy sectors today!



In Globe services to its partners are quick, low in costs and based on years of professional experience and market research.

There is the possibility of participation in recruitment Job Fairs: participation in fairs and recruitment days, organized by In Globe with an aim of on spot recruitment. Job fairs might be held in EU countries (Romania, Hungary, Poland etc). Detailed dates and participation requirements as well as Video material from previous Job Fairs is available upon request at the contact us section.

Are you a hotelier?  How can we low the cost of your business (LCHRM – Low Cost HR Management)?

In the page “Learning Programs” there is information about this program that is used with great success in Greece and Cyprus for more than 8 years.

With great success also this summer job vacancies are covered with the Learning Program by not only supporting the students but also satisfying the employers- clients of us.

The Human Resources Department of Inglobe and of its partners in all the E.U. countries expands daily the database with new CVs of candidates interested to work in Greece and Cyrpus.

Our online database is full of good applicants. The personnel that match your criteria is available with only one click. The database is being constantly renewed and provides many Cvs of persons from all over the world that are interested in Full or Part- time employment.

Except the regular employment, we provide also students for internship for a period of 3-6 months to be completed in 3-5* hotels.

The Cvs are available without contact details. As soon as the collaboration will begin, the team members of Inglobe will contact the person that you have selected and if you want, they will bring you in contact with the candidate through Internet or via telephone.

The obligation of our company is to provide constantly with details regarding the laws and the normative upon request and in case of changes as well as to provide with the necessary documents and contracts all the employees.

Inglobe provides also immediate replacements of employees upon request and ensures that is getting informed about the placed personnel.  



More info on “Cost and Fees” policy can be required at: maria@inglobe.com.gr and we will back to you with a detailed fee description and analysis.